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Custom Bunny Loveys- SEPTEMBER DROP INFO!

Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to offer custom spots again this month! I have changed websites and the way I am listing them to make things easier (I hope!). Here is how it will work:

1. You will check out and get a custom lovey spot HERE

2. You will then build you bunny HERE

The reason I am doing the two listings is because I know people want to check out quickly to get their spot. This way you can check out quickly and then go back and do the build your bunny stress free and take your time. BUT not too much time there is a deadline for fabric picks! (9/11 @ 12 pm EST). Check out the new FAQ page where I answer some common questions!

Fur options will be the same except for the tan faux fur. It will be the same color but it is a different texture (same as the grey and rose faux fur).

I will be going live Tuesday 9/10 @ 9pm EST to show you all the furs and answer all your questions. Keep a look out for my stories with an example of how to build you bunny! 

xxo- Sally